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The new economic realities have upended the new world of work. Technology is disrupting, challenging, improving and replacing old ways.

Careers are morphing from sequential progression to a series of experiences, sometimes cohesive, and promising to have more discontinuous growth.

Recruiting and talent acquisition, while under the much hyped threat of obsolescence by AI & new technology, will continue to be based on human judgment.

TheBlueyed.com is founded on the credo of augmenting human judgment in choosing better people for organizations. By putting candidates first, and investing proactively in them, we ensure that we attract the best talent in the market to entrust us with their careers.

”Rather than an orderly, sequential progression from job to job, 21st-century careers can be viewed as a series of developmental experiences, each offering the opportunity to acquire new skills, perspectives, and judgment.” Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2018.

A new economic era demands a new approach to careers. As the first career platform to focus on the needs of young managers, we help you manage the best asset you have. You.

TheBlueyed is a HR platform that helps ambitious companies and candidates raise their talent bar.

TheBlueyed follows a seven stage recruitment process and covers every aspect of recruitment lifecycle.

1. Registration

Most candidates have pretty similar resumes. Overburdened recruiters are looking for a solution to information overload.

We have crafted TheBlueyed Profile for candidates to stand out from the mass of the ordinary. TheBlueyed Profile has been designed to present the candidates “as is” to employers.

2. Guided Video Introduction

A resume is after all just words, a record of what a candidate has done. Transforming them into a compelling version of you needs the power of video.

Our video platform helps candidates put their best foot forward through a self-introduction.

3. Psychometric Test

Most career conversations are about what got you here, while what you need most is to get there. We help you discover more about yourself through the world leading SHL OPQ32 psychometric test.

Trusted by top MNCs the world over, the OPQ32 reports are an invaluable tool in your arsenal. This report is our investment in your career, and is free for a limited period for selected candidates.

4. Job Match Report

Competition is a reality, well everywhere, but most so when it is a plum role. Securing your chance is all about timing.

By proactively marketing your profile to hiring companies, we help you get on to their consideration set sooner. Early birds do get the worms, don’t they?

5. One-way Video Interview

Asynchronous video interview allows candidates to respond to custom questions from interested companies, without the stress.

6. Interview Scheduling

TheBlueyed takes the headache off interview scheduling away from recruiters by connecting to calendars and automating scheduling.

7. Coaching and Professional Development

TheBlueyed’s vision is to be a comprehensive platform for career development for young managers. From mentorship, to peer learning, to coaching programs and skill development modules, expect to see all aspects needed to enhance professional presence.

All the above micro-services are available on-demand and can be used as per requirement

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