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Mitigate risks with design strategies

Communication Design

Impressions, while take an instant to form, take eternity to forget. Let us devise a compelling communication design that is rooted in your brand identity and is tailored for your audiences.

Marketing Strategy Design

Create a harmonious blend of promoting your business and evoking brand loyalty among your customers by developing an articulate marketing strategy design.

Our design strategies chart the way to resolution

Technology adoption

Designing well-thought strategies, not only introduce but also promote the adoption of new technology, among your customers, in a seamless fashion.

From insights to actions

Strategies help translate insights into actionable solutions, to target your efforts better and deliver results, without uneconomical use of resources.

Blending designs with business strategies

We integrate compelling designs into your business strategies, to serve as a concrete foundation for marketing efforts undertaken in the future.

Designs translating Brand Intent

Creating a cohesive blend of designs and strategies that effectively communicate your brand’s intent bridges the communication gap between your brand and its customers.

Digital Marketing by iarani Inc.

Curate your design strategy

We curate innovative design strategies that help your brand achieve both short-term and long-term objectives.

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Are fair trials possible in today’s world of social media?

The world wide web connects millions by transcending geographical boundaries, dismissing time zones and redefining 'accessibility'. However, while the internet, especially social media, has...

Ashwarya Shukla - 8th March, 2019

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How Diversity And Inclusiveness At Work Can Boost Productivity

Inclusion means making room for everyone’s knowledge, outlook, thoughts, methods and preferences. Maintaining heterogeneity and fostering an inclusive work environment is imperative when it...

Preeti Sharma - 1st March, 2019

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Sexual Harassment At Work - The iarani Way Of Dealing With It

Every organisation has its own way of keeping sexual harassment at bay. In this article we present a few examples of things companies do to create a safe workplace for employees. We also talk about...

Preeti Sharma - 22nd February, 2019

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Your Business Could Be Losing Out to Competitors - The Importance of Local SEO Rankings

Through Google’s local business listing platform, Google My Business, you can add images and respond to customer reviews to complete your business profile. All you have to do is register your...

Arani Chaudhuri

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Airbrushed to Candid: The Evolution of Digital Storytelling Through Instagram Stories

Since Instagram Stories launched in 2016, it has grown to 250 milliondaily users. This means that brands that are trying to engage with customers on Instagram must adapt their marketing strategies...

Arani Chaudhuri

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The Key to Successful Storytelling - McDonald's New Campaign Celebrates Brand Loyalists

Sunil Chawla, a 35-year-old man, has been collecting these toys ever since he bought his first ever Happy Meal in 1998. He easily won this contest with his collection of over 300 toys.

Arani Chaudhuri

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