Running Social Media for India’s largest industry association


Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is India’s premier Chamber of Commerce that is home to more than 8300 members from both public and private sectors. The 122-year old organisation has multiple offices in India and abroad, including nine Centres of Excellence that were created with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of the Indian Industry.

iarani managed the social media handles for CII for a couple of years, including the period 2016-17 for which this report is based. We were determined to boost the follower base of the organisation, not just in terms of numbers but also in terms of the quality of followers.

Policy advocacy: CII’s primary forte is policy advocacy to the government, suggesting measures that must be implemented to boost industry growth, ramping economic growth eventually. We realised the need to put CII at the forefront of such activities. We made sure that any change advocated or recommendation to the government was brought out to the masses.

Flagship events: We understood the importance of the events organised by the organisation, in particular the flagship events. A lot of them were crucial for strengthening ties with governments of various counties and inviting investment in India. As a result we decided to start separate social media handles for the flagship events, even designed new websites and mobile apps for some of them. We made sure they received the status they deserved.

B2B engagement: Events were increasingly providing a medium for B2B interactions. Our role was to channelize them and ensure results in favour of the organisation.

Development Initiatives: CII’s agenda has expanded to include “inclusiveness” and “sustainability” over and
above its running theme of “competitiveness”. It was our prerogative to make sure the inclusiveness was “included” in the branding efforts

Premium Imagery for the President and Director General: We were also responsible for handling the social media handles for the key office bearers of the organisation.

Key Goals were identified

  • To lead the path of growth for various sectors of the Indian industry, eventually leading to the country’s development and escalated growth
  • To closely work with the Government towards formulation of policies
    that catalyse the economy’s growth through improved efficiency of the industry
  • To showcase all the research efforts of the organisation, so the findings can be implemented in practice


We leveraged the massive amount of content that CII was generating on a regular basis. As a part of its regular programmes, CII invites esteemed members of the Parliament, ministers and other dignitaries to express their views on burning topics that affect the industry and the nation. CII also partners with large global consulting firms to produce regular reports on important subjects. These two sources generate an immense amount of content, that is legit as well as key to the growth of the economy.

Content was curated and disseminated efficiently so as to reach the right people, making sure that we were the first to bring it out. Social Media was used heavily for this purpose. A user-friendly blog website was designed where content was updated regularly.

Owing to CII’s strong association with the government, it was important to make sure the key notes from the ministers and other members of government organisations were brought out to the public efficiently. We identified Twitter as the key social media channel to leverage for CII.


  • We developed an interactive website where content (curated from the research reports published by CII) was put up as short reads. They were also published on SlideShare to reach a wider audience. We researched to quickly learn what will and what will not work with the target audience
  • Twitter and Facebook were the primary channels that were used to broadcast content.
  • Videos were heavily leveraged. Key notes from industry giants as well as parliamentarians were published on the YouTube channel of the organisation. A video series – Industry Voice was conceptualised where top Indian executives and senior members of CII shared their advice and concerns
  • All events, big or small, organised by the organisation were “live tweeted” along with a few descriptive posts on Facebook. Important statements from
    key speakers were recorded and published on the organisation’s YouTube channel.
  • Content Acquisition Strategy: We set up regional WhatsApp groups to share content more efficiently.
  • We also decided to start posting Live videos and 360 videos on social media platforms during the flagship events.
  • During the course of time, we realised that the Twitter handle was primarily showing updates on the local events rather than policy advocacy which is the forte of the organisation. To reconcile this issue, we started a new handle meant specifically forpromoting the events.


  • We published 16.6K updates on the various platforms in the year 2016, more than twice than what was published in the previous year.
  • We reached over 26 Million people through our Digital assets in 2016, indicating a 130% Year-over- Year growth compared to 2015.
  • Our content was extremely well received by the audience, engaging 523 K users during 2016, a 300% jump compared to the previous year.
  • We were successful in expanding our user base by 83 K in the year 2016, which was almost 5 times the follower base that was added in 2015.
  • A large chunk of the existing user base, 41%, was acquired in the year 2016.
  • CII accounts were followed back by almost all Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State, Chief Ministers, key people in the Government, Industrialists and Heads of State.
  • Twitter was the most popular platform as we had rightly identified. Our tweets witnessed almost 20 Million impressions and over 200 K engagements.
  • On Facebook, our follower base crossed the 100 K mark as we added 56 K new followers during the year.
  • CII’s efforts resulted in our Facebook and Twitter accounts becoming verified by the respective platforms.
  • The Twitter handle for CII has over 1600 verified Tiwtter users including Ministers, Industrialists and News houses.
  • CII’s content was extremely well received by the audience, engaging 523 K users during 2016, a 300% jump compared to the previous year.
  • The three content sharing groups from Eastern, Western and Northern regions resulted in 360% increase in the number of events covered in the month of December as compared to the monthly average over 2016.
  • The CII blog was redesigned and optimised for Social Media.


We actively promoted all the flagships events of the organisation clocking hundreds of posts and thousands of impressions. This led to higher footfalls at the events.

Our live tweeting efforts for the flagship events succeeded with our handles “Trending” on Twitter for days.

We covered a host of key events for the organisation. Some of them were:

The numbers indicate the number of events capture in the given month
  • Partnership Summit
  • Make in India Week
  • Annual General Meeting
  • India@75 Conclave
  • Sustainability Summit
  • India Economic Summit
  • Tourism Investment Summit
  • India Economic Summit
  • India-UK Tech Summit
  • Global Exhibition on Services
  • International Engineering & Technology Fair

Key Followers

There are 1,490 verified followers – including Ministers, Industrialists, News outlets

CII followers have a combined follower base of 130 million.

Top 100 followers have a combined follower base of 62 million

Top 1000 followers have a combined follower base of 80 million

Verified followers have a combined follower based of 50 million

  • Ministries of Finance
  • DIPP
  • Tourism
  • MSME
  • Textiles Ministry
  • Suhel Seth
  • Manohar Kant
  • CIM GoI
  • CM of Karnatala
  • AP
  • MP
  • Amitabh Kant
  • Ramesh Abhishek
  • News Houses like Zee
  • New Houses – Zee, ET Now, CNBC, News24
  • Corporate Houses like BCG, Cognizant
  • Banks such as ICICI, IDBI

Key Numbers

In a period of one year

  • Over 26 Million people reached across all Social Media Channels
  • 16.6K updates published, twice than the previous year.
  • Successfully expanded user base by 83 K
  • 523 K engagements
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts verifiecd
  • Added 56K new Facebook followers during the year
  • 130% Year-over- Year growth compared to 2015.


CII is ahead of all its competitors on Social Media

Brand Page/ HandlesFacebook (Likes)Twitter (Followers)LinkedIn (Followers)YouTube (Subscribers)

How our experience with CII can be useful to your business?

We helped CII reach out to a wise audience and create traction with the ministries and allied government bodies. If you are looking for inter-agency or inter ministerial coordination, our experience with CII can be of great use to you.

CII was regularly involved in organizing high profile events
to engage with the parliamentarians and industry giants, We helped them create a buzz on social media about the same to increase footfalls at the event.

We also succeeded in becoming the single point of contact between the different departments of the organisation, to ensure that the integrated efforts towards achieving the common goals were being acknowledged. If you are looking to promoting your business on social media and catch the eyeballs of government bodies, we can definitely help you accomplish this.

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