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As one of the top technology companies, iarani helps you build modern and responsive websites that helps startups, small businesses, individuals and enterprises convert more customers.

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Design a new website

Create a fresh website for a new business or a project.

Website re-design

Give your current website a facelift and get more customers.

Application development

Give wings to your business idea that requires a new web and/or mobile application


Improve your user interface and experience with our industry-leading ui/ux service

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As a leading Digital Transformation company, iarani offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you build custom websites that will accelerate your growth, drive success and realise your business goals.

We follow a strict website design and development process to deliver your website on time so that you that “go to market” faster

Our website design and development process

Our Services

Web Application Development

iarani offers full-stack web development for a wide range of industries. We follow strict project management guidelines to build cutting-edge B2B and B2C web solutions with enhanced security, outstanding UI/UX design, and scalability. 
Our wide experience as a offshore software development company and certified software engineers help you achieve your business goals. We employ the best practices to ensure the prominent results for the client.

Mobile Application Development

iarani has extensive expertise in mobile application development. We develop mobile applications in native languages for iOS and Android as well as use cross platform solutions like React Native for reliable and faster go-to-market products. Our developers focus on intuitive user experience design with a modern user interface design. 
We follow agile project management to help you realise your business goals.

User Experience & User Interface Design (UX/UI)

iarani is known for its UI/UX solutions for top Fortune 500 companies as well as fast growing startups. Our creative team of UI/UX designers are skilled in creating user-friendly, seamless, and intuitive digital user experiences. 
We start with an in-depth UX research. Thereafter, we apply a user-oriented approach to develop process diagrams and interface design that address user problems, satisfy your business needs, and meet industry requirements.

Our process in detail

At iarani, we provide an agile software product development process. We focus on faster “go to market” and have a structured feedback process to realise your business goals. Here’s a quick overview of our process –

1. Requirement Analysis

We start by understanding your business goals and conduct a comprehensive project requirement analysis. Our product architects work with you to suggest the best architectural solution and create the roadmap for project implementation.

2. Planning

Once we identify the requirements, our team works with yours to create a detailed set of design and technical specifications. These specifications serve as a roadmap for the rest of the web design process.

3. UI/UX Design

At this stage, we create process diagrams, wireframes to turn software specifications into a design plan. Once wireframes are approved, we create design mockups to illustrate user interface design.

4. Content

Once we’ve agreed on a final design based on the mockups, our team will proceed with development, kicking off two phases in unison. The first involves creating your site’s copy and graphics. Our team will get to work performing SEO and competitive research and come up with the copy and images that will flesh out your final site.

5. Software Development

This stage starts with selecting the most appropriate programming language depending on the project requirement. Thereafter, we start with front-end and back-end development and focus on creating a stable product.

6. QA Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing plays a crucial role in product success. The code is tested at every stage of product development for quality and user feedback. Our focus is to detect a bug before a customer can to deliver the best quality product.

7. Deployment and Support

We launch the product at this stage. We follow a release plan for gradual product release that involves product deployment, customer support, and maintenance.

Our Project Management Approach to Deliver High Quality Products

Once completing Requirement Analysis to understand your business goals and identifying the project priorities with the client, our project team creates a “backlog” and divides the project into “Shippable Increments”. We create sprints and estimate delivery time of various modules of the product. Post launch of each module/ sprint, we collect feedback and analyse the results and add to the backlog where we define a set of tasks for the next sprint. This agile approach allows us to deliver project in a timely fashion and ensure best quality results for the client.

Agile processes are managed by a Scrum Master or a Project Manager assigned to the client’s project. Our Project Manager is the one point contact and will work as a part of both teams – yours and ours, to ensure efficient and regular communication, issue resolution and ensure client success.


We use Jira or similar project software and give full access to our clients to easily monitor the project progress. We also conduct regular project meetings with our clients to keep them updated on the progress.


A stringent product testing methodology allows us to ensure high reliability of the end product. Product analysis is a continuous process that goes beyond product delivery.

Faster Go To Market

Agile Product Development allows us to ensure timely delivery and keep a high quality of the custom software development.

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    Why choose iarani for your Website Development?

    In 2021, every business is a technology business. As businesses focus more on their product, go-to-market strategies, partnerships rather than invest time and resource on building a development, it is often more economical and efficient to outsource website development to a reputed and efficient website design and development agency like iarani. Some of the advantages when you choose iarani are –

    • Access to a Highly Qualified and Experienced Team
    • Reduced Development Cost
    • Faster Go-To-Market
    • No Infrastructural Investment
    • Access to Global Talent Pool
    • Convenient Team Scaling
    • No Employee Training Cost
    • More Time and Resources to Focus on your Business Operation

    Businesses can reap more benefits by partnering with a trustworthy website design company like iarani whose talent pool and expertise would improve your business process, address complicated website needs, and offer bespoke solutions. As iarani offloads your website development requirements, your can focus on driving broader business opportunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What technologies will you use to develop a modern website?

    There are numerous range of technologies, frameworks and tools available to develop a modern website. However, making a right choice is often critical as it impacts your business performance and efficiency. We work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements, budget and future needs and accordingly help them select a right technology from the list mentioned

    How do you understand client business to propose a website?

    In the initial call discovery phase, our business analysts deep dive in understanding customer’s business to create requirements document. For this, they conduct workshop with customer’s stake holders, understand their processes and research about achieving their business objective. This is an iterative process which results in requirement specifications, high-level design and project/sprint plan for the development.

    Can customer select technology stack for custom software development?

    Yes. Depending on the requirements, our website development team suggests the technology stack considering the parameters like existing infrastructure, feature requirements, scalability, future maintenance, budgeting, open source alternatives etc. However, we are always open to customer’s suggestion and try to achieve business objective of custom software development with customer’s choice of technology.

    How do you manage change in requirements?

    Project requirements may evolve or change during the subsequent phases of development. We do detailed impact analysis of change request (CR) in the existing development and keep customer informed about budget and timeline change.

    Do you provide maintenance of website?

    We are a full service custom web development company providing design, development, deployment & maintenance services. Sustaining a web application is equally important as developing as it keeps the application healthy and relevant. Our maintenance services include feature enhancements, optimization, bug fixing and preventive maintenance.

    Can I review the code during the development process?

    Code reviews during development helps in minimizing the bugs and improve software quality. Client has complete freedom to review not only the code, but also the design & wireframes.

    Do you sign NDA?

    Yes before the start of every project, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with all our Clients.

    What is your policy on intellectual property?

    Code ownership belongs to the customer once they have completely remunerated us for the work done.

    How do you manage project?

    We follow two most popular methodologies for custom software development: Agile and waterfall. We use Agile software development methodology in most of our projects.

    What is your typical team size?

    Team size varies between 2 to 20 depending on customer’s requirements and size of project.

    Can you take over from my existing vendor?

    Yes. Firstly, we go through your existing application, understand your business domain and review the code. Based on our preliminary analysis, we provide recommendations and proposal to takeover.

    Our Technology Stack






    SQL Server

    Cloud & DevOps

    Google Cloud
    Microsoft Azure
    Digital Ocean


    React Native


    Adobe XD

    Artificial Intelligence

    Amazon Polly, Sagemaker, Lex etc.
    Google AutoML, Speech-to-Text, Video AI etc.

    Project Management



    Adobe XD